5 Signs that Polyamory May Not Be Right for You

Polyamory looks good on paper, until you try it. For some the lifestyle comes easy, but for others it can present too many challenges and just isn’t right. Sometimes it doesn’t work out simply because of personality, and past experiences can also affect one’s ability to enjoy polyamory.

5 Signs Polyamory May Not Be Your Thing

You have big-time trust issues…
Not to fret, a lot of us do. This may be from childhood experiences or because you’ve been cheated on in previous relationships, but if you admittedly know that trust is very difficult, you probably will have difficulty “sharing” a primary partner.

You demand a lot of attention…
Some of us are free birds who love a lot of solo flying time or introverts who need down time, but if you’re someone who loves and needs a lot of attention from a lover, it may be hard when a partner isn’t always available.

You are rigid about routine…
The polyamory lifestyle demands flexibility from all participating individuals. You will have to be able to bend not only to your partner’s zigs and zags but to others as well. It’s challenging for someone who likes to follow their daily planner to a t.

You’re trying to fix your current relationship…
Going poly is often a last ditch effort when a couple is on the brink of a breakup, whether you think it will revive a stale sex life or you just want sex with someone else. Moving from a committed monogamous relationship to an open one doesn’t usually work.

You have time-management issues…
Balancing one partner and all of life’s other commitments is tough on anyone, but when you throw a third person or more into the mix, you’d better have some mad skills when it comes to timing and planning your life.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t explore and discover poly relationships, but it is a good idea to read, discuss, and learn more about polyamory before you find yourself in something you can’t handle.

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