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Revelations are the Genesis of Polyamory’s Miracles!

I am not a Christian, but I SWEAR on my sacred testicular holy cross that polyamory has brought me more blessed miracles than anything ever!

But the reason that polyamory does this for me, is that I really do NOT possess my lovers, so I have always been in the practice of telling.

There is nothing in polyamory if there aren’t the non-Biblical version of the last chapter of the world’s most popular story book: REVELATIONS.

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Every single time something major changes, or something minor adjusts enough to make a difference in something, everyone should be told.

It matters too much to let it slide. And in monogamy, there may be some simple situation that it’s cool to be lazy and basic in dealing with. It only affects two people, and it’s supposed to be between only those two people, so it ostensibly is supposed to come to light sooner or later, right?


As if it’s that simple and sweet and straightforward. I haven’t been a monogamite in a long-ass time, but I know that’s not how it often happens. Because I know what happens a LOT in monogamy: an absence of revelations, discussions, confessions and communication.

And that’s why it’s weird that some people have a problem communicating openly with one person in a functional fashion of fucking and loving and such action, while some people can communicate openly with like five people and maintain enough of the trust and the magic to consistently create connections on that level of heavenly interaction. Humans are funny ass creatures, I tells you.

So, I was on a rendezvous recently… good times!

It was covered in awesome sauce. We have been together for about two-and-a-half years and had shifted through many phases. We’ve been good friends, great lovers, work partners, depression counselors, family supporters, and some other good stuff.

A lot of it has been kinda unspoken though, where the action and the presence does the heavy lifting of removing various obstacles to reaching Awesomeland together. She’s of a certain age, so there’s the literal opposite of any immature girl mind games or insecurity. Every day we cut to the chase and catch each other’s great spirit how we desire to connect.

The last time I was with her, I revealed to her how much I adored her support of me during a shitty ass time in my recent life, that I gushed about our relationship to a small group of people I was teaching sex education to. She was very appreciative, but she also said “I normally don’t want to know, and I trust what you do without asking what you say. But I’m glad you told me what you said about me. That’s sweet of you.”

Just like in the Bible: life is better after revelations.

But in polyamory, life is WAY better after revelations than it is in the bible, for most people (or however the story goes, LOL! I don’t know.)

Love is my religion, and Heaven happens here every time I make Love!

Thank God for Polyamory, baby!

Lovingly and sincerely yours,
Addi Stewart

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