Polyamory Prophylactics

An interesting aspect of my poly life right now, is that I’m with such a wide range of lovers. Some of them are in their early 20’s and are feeling their bodies still grow and evolve, some are thirty-something ladies who are very comfortable in their flesh as it continues becoming a WOMAN, and some lovers in their 40’s who have had children, have beautiful blemishes and fantastic flaws that attract my heart. I even have a few lovers in their menopausal years, where they don’t menstruate or experience vaginal lubrication the same way as other women.

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And the way that impacts my sexual experiences with each of these women makes my life a pornographic cornucopia of glorious intimate exploration. Oh boy, I pray you believe me!

But as I was mentioning, things are different with each lover. Some of them are with one lover (me) and aren’t really interested in other people, so they have X amount of risk aversion when it comes to using prophylactics, which probably means me wearing condoms.

But a few lovers are so comfortable with my professional love-maker reality that they understand my job is to stay sexually sanitary for porn and modelling and such, so… we may be comfortable with the occasional bareback fucking session. OHHH BOYYY! I cherish these rare experiences, and I choose them very wisely, maturely and delicately since there’s a lot at stake for me. I’m gambling with my money maker, yo!

But, it’s not really a gamble with love and wisdom and truth completely in control of things. I’ve had A LOT of sex in the last few years, and have not contracted a single STI from any of the dozens and dozens of different lovers I’ve been with. I’m SO blessed to have this be my experience, and I have ZERO judgement of anyone who hasĀ contracted an STI in their poly experience, because I had the flu a few months ago, and nobody is immune to all sickness.

I consider STIs no different than any other temporary infection that happens to the human body, and it can always be dealt with rationally and healthily.

Some of my lovers are open to me using different condoms and different lubes and even different toys in conjunction with our fuck function to see how things feeeeel: way better or just pretty fucking great enough to rocket us to Orgasmland.

It’s IMPORTANT to know what condoms fit your junk best (sometimes I wear the Female Condom. It fits me better!), which ones your partners may be allergic to, which ones are easiest to break in your experience (I do NOT ever use Lifestyles condoms, I’d rather use an Oh Henry! wrapper* or the withdrawal method), which ones strangle you the most, which ones are good for orgies or threesomes, which ones are easy to get lots of for free at the Walk-In Clinic, and so forth!

Some partners will have one protocol for protection, some partners will allow many options. Stick to the fucking script when fucking!!

If not, you’re putting soooo many people at risk and that shit is SO NOT COOL so don’t even fucking be that person, cause I am not…

And protect yourself accordingly while you play in paradise!

In love while wearing a thin-ass condom and holding a Hitachi Magic Wand,
Addi Stewart

*I would NOT use an Oh Henry! chocolate bar wrapper as a condom! The nerve! Why, I never!! Ha ha ha. I just heard a kid say that when I was in high school once, and it stuck. Imagine how horrific that would be! No, please don’t. Someone has to run to the store and just get some jimmys.

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