Are You a Poly Lone Wolf or a Groupie for Groups?

I don’t know what kind of person you are, but in the immortal words of one of my favorite polyamory teachers on this wild and sex-filled planet earth of ours, the good sir Reid Mihalko, says these wise words:

“Are you a dog or a cat? DATE YOUR SPECIES!”

And that is super wise advice for us all, especially those in the polyamory community!

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Don’t try to bend the will of any cute monogamous-minded dalmation if you’re a polyamorous panther through and through! It’s just a recipe for disaster and doom!

I am definitely not a person who thinks this theory applies to race or ethnicity, please pretty please, believe me. But this species concept really does apply to sexuality, especially in the realms and regions of need, appetite, morals, beliefs, values, protective selections, traditions, superstitions, public vs. privacy policy, and so much more. You never know who will connect to you in what way, until you really start sharing those truths and asking and answering those questions!

Connecting to Poly People in Groups or Organizations

Do you join poly Facebook groups for possible chances to meet poly people?

Do you seek poly people on Fetlife, and try to mix your kink & fetish world with your poly desires?

Do you use, OkCupid, Tinder, Grindr, Bumble or any other social dating app in a strictly polyamorous capacity, and how is that working out for you? (seriously, let me know)

Do you go to munches and meetups to find poly people to talk to and connect with?

Do you join organizations, institutions and communities to find your poly folks?

These are ways that certain people find their tribe. Whatever works is what I really encourage!

I know that I join and use some, and I like some institutions and online methods and communities of sexuality… and I certainly like sex clubs, that’s for damn sure!

But I don’t really participate in as many organizations as possible. Not strictly for polyamory, but more for the politics around sexuality and human rights.

I still endorse and remain active in quite a few groups and spaces, and it will increase in time as my work gets deeper. For now, I am pretty old school. I like public magic.

I’m a bit of a stray cat mixed with lone wolf, more than I’m a doberman in a pack.

Know what kind of animal ¬†you are, and find a compatible match for your passion’s soul!

Happy hunting…

Addi Stewart

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