When Polyamory Wins from Losing

I had an extremely bittersweet week in my life. On the Saturday, I had celebrated the one-year anniversary of one of my most powerful relationships of my life, sexually and intellectually.

Earlier that week, I also celebrated the one-year anniversary of another relationship that was supremely sacred and amazingly empowering beyond words and measurements in so many other ways.

Then, one of them said goodbye.

I kinda knew why and vaguely saw it coming, but I still was shocked as hell when it happened officially and actually. I was devastated to lose the chance to continue with this particular powerful lover in my life.

But the thing was: my other lover who I celebrated a year with was OVERWHELMINGLY HEALING to me during one of the worst poly breakups I’ve ever known, and that was such a beautiful safety net to have my broken heart fall into.

Hours after I had gotten the bad news and wrote a few cryptic but painful messages on social media about *insert sad song* on repeat and #breakups, my lover instinctively reached out and said, “I can tell something bad happened, how can I help you?”

She did all that a single angel could do to comfort me emotionally, mentally and anything else that was possible. I metaphorically felt like I had been shot in the chest, but I was okay because I was wearing a bulletproof vest. So the pain stung, but didn’t break my heart to death.

I thank my heavenly sweet artistic poly lover in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, and for richer and for poorer. Through my heartbreaks and hers, we shall love and care for each other together!

The future can be whatever it wants with the presence of such blessings like her.

Addi Stewart

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