10 Amazing Quotes From My Polyamory Life

As much as I love, Love, LOVE the lifestyle that allows everyone to have their sexy, tasty genital orgasm cake and actually eat it too, I can’t outright say that polyamory is better than monogamy. It’s a subjective thang, like sports, drugs and religion (which may all be the same too).

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All that matters is: how do you want it—word to Tupac Shakur and Heather Hunter! You can get it a thousand, million, billion different ways, depending on your kinks, community, consent, and concern for your sanity and sexy bits.

There is NO limit to the places we can go with our passionate peculiarities, and this is what makes life so fucking constantly covered in awesome sauce. But there’s always a but, and it’s not always a nice butt. Sometimes, it’s a badonkadunk of bootylicious proportions! And this is where we get to the meat and polyamorous potatoes of what I’m trying to serve ya.

Polyamory is not better than monogamy, so I can’t scientifically just squirt that out my mouth like it’s truth. But I can say that polyamory ALLOWS more space and time and potential than most matrimonial monogamous relationships, and that’s some truth you can cash in at the fucking bank of bootycalls and beautiful reality beneath the boundaries of heteronormativity and patriarchal religious conservative societal structure and shite.

I can say that polyamory has SPACE for ideas and possibilities that monogamy often doesn’t. Let’s look at a few!

These are things I’ve actually said, or been close to saying, due to my poly life. They can only happen in monogamous relationships that are open, or non-possessive, or advocate swinging and such, which is desire dabbling and dancing near Polyamory Land, where boundaries blur and melt as soon as courage calls.

Amazing Quotes from My Poly Life

“Are you interested in having both me and my boyfriend suck on your dick? We’re both hot as fuck for that to happen, and I want it to be yours.”

“My girl is at home right now, and she really needs someone to fuck her. What are you doing tonight? Can you go and fuck her really good?”

I’ve never been intimate with her, but you have. Can you ask her if we can all be together? Oh, there may be someone else with us there too.

“I had a date tonight that was a real flop. Can you come over and fuck me, so I can get the satisfaction I didn’t get from my flop of a date?”

“You having sex with all the other women you fuck doesn’t bother me at all. Actually, that’s what made me think you could satisfy me for real!”

“I asked my girlfriend to find me a man that could fuck me for hours, and that’s why I am reaching out to you. Multiple orgasms, only. Thanks!”

“My man said he likes you more than most other men, so he’s comfortable with us going on a date at the sex club. We can do anything…”

“My girlfriend isn’t the type to interfere, even though she isn’t into men. But she is happy if you are about satisfying me. Don’t stop doing it!”

“The reason I called you, is because my lady wants to have a safe and sensual threesome, and I knew you were the right guy for it. Let’s go!”

“My other partner doesn’t have the right level of aggression I need. Can you come fuck me like an animal, and then come on my face, please?”

Every single one of these scenarios has arisen from my awesome-ass poly life, and they all exist outside the allowable boundaries of traditional monogamy. And if you WANT monogamy, then you can have it, and enjoy the singular focus it offers. But… you can’t do much else!

And it’s really all about knowing what you want for your body. Will that require one person, or more?

Find out!

Addi Stewart

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