How Does Gender Affect Your Poly Life?

What’s up to my Queer/Bi-Sexual/Gay/Lesbian Poly folks! I see you and blow kisses at your face and places below your waist! Yeah the world is not nearly as evolved and civilized towards non-heteronormative sexuality, but… fuck that ignorant shit in its conservative little sphincter real hard and good, and spit your queer saliva all over the wisdom dildo shaft, ha ha!

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And yes, this post here may not be for everyone who reads this blog, but if your mind is open enough to explore and stay intrigued by certain other truths in the realm of yummy human sexuality, then hey, here’s some exotic fruit for you to taste. Blend it up and drink the nutritiousness!

Now I can’t describe ALL the experiences in the different combinations that are possible in same-sex combinations in the  community, but there is a difference in having a male poly partner vs. a female poly partner vs. a trans poly partner, no doubt, even if it’s just cosmetic external appearance and the people are all clones of each other on the inside (which is highly improbable, but for the sake of scientific possibility, let’s just pretend this is feasible.)

Depending on who you’re with, they possibly if not probably will treat your choice differently depending on who you are with.

Here’s a hypothetical scenario involving some young poly guy coming home to his young poly girlfriend, and telling her about his new-found feelings:

“Oh, you’re with another girl? And she’s twenty-something with fake breasts? Hmmmm…. okay.” He starts thinking about things he may never tell you.


“Ah, you met a trans woman that you’re attracted to like never before? Hmmmm…. okay.” He starts thinking about things he never knew about you.


“Hey, you met another guy? And he’s a hot sexy Chippendales stripper? Hmmmm…. okay.” He starts thinking about things he wants to do with you two.

Then, if you want to make this movie REAL interesting, add TWO MORE people to the mix, and see what your partner’s reaction is. Guaranteed woo-hoo, trust me!

What if one of the people you introduce is a gay black man? Or a fifty-five-year-old Iranian lesbian? Or a transgender Russian blonde? They will all impact your love life differently, and it’s gonna be a real eye-opener for both you and your lover(s) to see how they feel about things depending on what other people have WHAT OTHER THINGS between their leg things!

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Strangely, I’ve seen guys say the most contradictory things because the person in question is a woman, and I’ve seen guys ixnay the prospect of ANY AND ALL extra-curricular contact with ANY partner of theirs, and I personally find that quite peculiar and strange… but that’s just me and my weird-ass hippie freak values!

I can’t think a woman seeking emotional satisfaction from another relationship with another woman could ever receive it from me, even if I can provide genuine compassion, listening, friendship, connection, trust, truth, honor, dignity, and even some semblance of sisterhood with the feminine essence that exists inside me too…

But I’m just NOT a woman. I can’t talk to her about a certain level of EXPERIENCE regarding menstruation or bras, for instance. I know a decent amount about those things, but I’m just not a woman, so if a lover of mine wants to be with a woman, I’m cool with it! And if she wants to be with a man of a certain comportment, one that I just am incapable of providing her, then how could I not let her indulge? That’s how I love.

So yeah, think about how you feel about that there stuff. Do you care if your lovers are with other men or women or people? Does the amount of others matter or does it matter if its some hot-ass, sexy woman or some tall, dark and handsome gentleman? Do you give a fuck who your partners fuck?

These things are real good to know. And then it’s even better to explore some new shit, if you so feel like it!

FYI to the guys that just ain’t knowing this yet: kissing another man feels like kissing yourself. So if you don’t think of yourself as a grody pigslob that might be interesting to suck face with, then maybe consider trying to kiss another man sometime. You won’t fucking die, I promise. And if you do, there are worse ways to die, trust me.

Your name will be immortalized with a bunch of awesome sexual people, so there’s that on top of the fact that you will not fucking die from any same-sex exploration, let’s just end that joke right now, LOL. Queer poly life is amazing, Amaaaazing and UH-MAY-ZING.

How has it been for you? I’d love to know! Share your love stories in the comments.

xoxo from Addi Stewart

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