Polyamory and the Laws of Attraction

Dreamtime: Be Mine (but Please Be Nice)

Have you ever really done that “ask the universe” thing, and had it happen? Like, almost immediately?

I have. And oh boy, let me tell you, if it happens to you: LEARN THE LESSON SHE IS SCREAMING IN YOUR EAR!

Sometimes, I do believe fate taunts and teases and plays with us like a cat playing with a mouse, and we are often left to the heartless mercy of the dice of life, where each decision can lead to an infinite madhouse of unspeakable fantasy or unbelievable tragedy. There are whims, there are flukes, there are gambles, there are lucky breaks, there are often rare opportunities to be something beyond your wildest dreams, and most of the time… people don’t take them.

But once in a while, the courage (whether liquid or living), the chemistry, the chaos, the alignment of stars, the wish fairy, the leprechaun’s hat, and the universe smiles favorably upon thine erotic endeavors, and…


There is your dream… happening in your real life!

Especially in the realm of polyamory, where responsibility and honesty is all that is required to those who you are intimate with, so much can happen. Multiple lovers, multiple orgasms with multiple lovers, multiple lovers with multiple orgasms over multiple months… oh god, the life is good! And yes, there’s always the day after the dream, where you and everyone else that was inside the fantasy looks around at the clothing strewn about, the furniture that was sexed on adjusted haphazardly, and the general post-coital joy aftershocks generally making your space seem like you live borderline insane. But then, if all is well in the realm of emotions and extra-curricular consent, then you all simply get to bask in the afterglow of getting one of your Sexual Bucket List items checked off your “Woo-Hoo! To Do List”.

This is just a reminder that, with an open heart, a courageous spirit, a discerning eye, and a never-ending desire to continue entering opportunities to share and love and live and give fun… your sexiest, wildest, most magnificent dreams, fantasies and fetishes can come true for you and your playmates!

But the cliché is as true in sex as is in life: be careful what you wish for… you just might get it. Beware what you dream about… because it might just come to life!

But if it does, I hope it’s more beautiful than you have ever imagined… It was for me!

Always in love,
Addi Stewart

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