Polyamory: Reality and Fantasy

I suppose every guy imagines that polyamory will be him having two women who get along with him, and with each other. They will spend a whole lot of time pleasing him, and when he gets tired they will please each other.

Some people look at Islamic or Mormon marriages for a model. One man can have a whole lot of wives. As soon as one gets tied up with children and domestic affairs, the happy husband can go and find a new fresh wife and add her to the marriage. The older wife will look after the younger one.

This kind of thing makes for some incredibly hot fantasies. The idea of having two gorgeous women around to please and serve you all the time is certainly enticing. It is definitely the kind of fantasy that we saw coming out of places like the Playboy Mansion before Hugh Hefner began folding up his more than a half century of cavorting with buxom young women.

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If you work at it, you are definitely going to be able to swing some encounters with a couple of people at once. It’s hot and fun, and if everyone is in the mood then you can have a night (or a few) that will give you memories that last a lifetime. With a little bit of inspirational intoxication coursing through the blood, the spirit for adventure can be a thrill and a pleasure.

That said, making it work long term, and on a domestic level can be much more of a trial. It’s hard enough living with one lover, never mind two. There has to be a whole lot of scheduling, talking, and the satisfaction of fragile egos. There is always the possibility of unequal desire. There is always the possibility that the desire levels between three people can shift over time.

In old-school polygamous marriages, the different wives were often kept separate. The husband visited different beds on different nights, and then the details and the jealousies were sorted out in the morning. As nice as it is to imagine, I don’t know how many orgies ever went down.

Then again, there is the whole history of the harem, and the idea of many nubile and soft skinned ladies, just reclining on silks, waiting for the sultan to stride in from his labours and choose one—or a few—to help him unwind. This is certainly something fun to think about, if you’re looking for some mental material to help with your personal entertainment in the middle of the night.

Running a harem is costly, though—especially nowadays. It’s not only all the women who you need to keep in silk and wine, it’s all the eunuchs you need to pay to guard them, too. You probably want to stick with a few drunken threesomes… and then, if you all get along… talk about a relationship.  

Life is crazy and complicated. Go out there, be safe, and have fun!

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