Online Resources for Poly Lovers

Are you looking for more information on polyamory? Check out these fives websites that offer everything poly, from relationship tips to legal issues to sex advice.

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The Polyamory Society

“The Polyamory Society is a nonprofit organization which promotes and supports the interest of individuals of multipartner relationships and families.” They offer indexes of local poly support groups, dating tips, events, family support, spiritual resources, and advocacy.

They are committed to “support, assist and strengthen Poly Families of all forms and cultures with effective programs, services, information and resources in a spirit of responsibility and advocacy.”

Polyamory on Purpose

The vast majority of polyamory sites are, naturally, about dating and sex. But polyamory is not swinging, and as a lifestyle extends far beyond these things. It involves families, child rearing, unusual divorce challenges, conflict resolution, medical issues, financial and legacy concerns, social consequences for partners and children, and on and on.

This website tackles a lot of nitty-gritty stuff that dating sites aren’t geared towards, such as state laws impacting polyamory, STIs, etiquette, helping children who are facing discrimination, child custody complications, dealing with the unexpected pregnancy of your second or third partners, etc. Outstanding.

Liberated Christians

This website is older and not up to date, because the group is no longer active, but it is still a unique resource about Christians “Promoting Intimacy and Other-Centered Sexuality.”

It provides a lot of information about Biblical history and sexuality, making it an interesting wealth of information for religious folks who feel unnecessary struggles between their faith and sexual identity. “How to Be an Edenist” is one such article that addresses these issues.

The Polyamorous Misanthrope

This delightful blog has been around for eternity in Internet time—since 2004. The Misanthrope says she is “wielding the stick of grandmotherly kindness,” and the aim of the blog is to challenge poly folks to “live consciously” and create good relationships and communities. She recognizes people’s tendencies to treat others poorly, whether they are monogamous or poly, and the risks are heightened in poly families because there are more people.

“Don’t treat people as things,” seems to be the gist of most of the blog. At moments funny, others touching, and always sensible, with a priority on the ethical treatment of children and others.

More Than Two

Franklin Veaux is a polyamory educator and writer. This vast resource focuses on The Relationship Bill of Rights, which states a variety of common sense ethics for individuals in poly relationships. There are lots of articles about myths and fallacies of polyamory, resolving jealousy and anxiety, building healthy families, coming out poly, a glossary, rules that work, and more.

Do you have any poly resources to share with other readers? Please share in the comments!

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