5 Ways Polyamory Can Help to Cure Unattractive Masculine Traits

Polyamory is truly a lifestyle for a more enlightened man. These are a few of the reasons why I believe this to be true:

1. It Crushes Aggressive Displays of Macho Violence Inspired by Possessive Jealousy (If You’re Doing It Right)
Knowing that you do not, and never will, actually own any woman (or man, or child) gives a man the wisdom and awareness to not try and control another person’s emotions, sexuality or life. There’s no need to get angry if she starts flirting with some stranger at the bar. Can you just watch the interaction go down, have an amusing episode of the human mating ritual to witness? And then maybe she comes back to your side and takes you home to fuck your brains out for being such a gentleman. Stranger things have happened to polyamorous good guys. You don’t gotta fight with other dudes, you just gotta protect the ladies you love from guys they don’t want to interact with, which is a whole other thing.

2. It Kills Sexual Boredom in the Bedroom (and the Kitchen, and the Living Room, and Wherever Else You Have Sex!)
If familiarity breeds contempt, and variety is the spice of life, then marriage is familiar and open relationships are muy caliente! Ha ha, well it’s not that simple, but kinda-sorta, it is. Giving each other the option to be with others is a wonderful method of evolving as a hombré. And there’s nothing more rewarding than ALWAYS enjoying your partner’s sexual proclivities simply because you are enlightened enough to not take them for granted, and you are smart enough to keep the honeymoon stage alive! Long story short: a man can feel AMAZING by having multiple lovers to enjoy instead of believing he is only allowed to experience joy with one woman.

“A man is simply someone who takes full responsibility for everything he says and does. This is more complicated than it sounds.” – Terry Crews

3. It Causes Much Less Stress (Once You Get Used To It)
Honestly, a guy gets through the day with more peace of mind and less worries when he isn’t always stressing about whether his girlfriend is cheating on him. If he has trust and respect for her freedom, then he will enjoy the space he gives her to do whatever the hell she wants, and not bother her about knowing it, unless they negotiate that kind of communication together. There is no price you can put on the inner bliss that comes from not worrying that “your girlfriend” is possibly thinking about some other guy when she’s out of your sight, or out with the girls, or just doing anything else except being with you!

4. It Helps Man-to-Man Camaraderie & Gentlemanly Intimacy (If You’re Into That Kind of Thing)
Polyamory has taught me how to be more comfortable in hugging men, being close to men, being naked around men, even kissing men – and not having any problem with it. Far too many young boys are taught heteronormativity is nature while also being taught ignorant homophobic vitriol in their formative teenage years, like being anti-gay is a marker of strength as a man. Nothing could be further from the truth, and polyamory has been a major element in my journey towards being more comfortable in my skin, and being more comfortable with all levels of humanity, regardless of gender. It’s been delightful!

5. It Makes You Not Cheat (If You Are Doing It Right!)
Polyamory requires people to be HONEST about their sexual activities, and that’s one thing that monogamy doesn’t try to encourage nearly enough. There is an ever-present fog of hush-hush hesitancy around most traditional monogamous sex lives, and that loss of communication and honesty is to the detriment of all people hiding what is supposed to be one of, if not their most satisfying relationships in life. Polyamory helps men to be straight up about their sexual desires and their sexual fantasies. And a GOOD, HEALTHY polyamorist is gentle about those who do not care to reciprocate his requests. Men who are humble and honest about the sex they want are not that prevalent in this society. If there’s one thing to take away from this article, boys/guys/dudes/men/hommes/males: PLEASE TELL THE TRUTH TO ALL THE SEXUAL PARTNERS YOU HAVE IN YOUR LIFE.

Polyamory helped me become a real man more than anything else in my life. Oh God, has it ever! Amen.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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