The Potential and Pitfalls of Polyamory

Ten Polyamory What Ifs?

The potentials of WTF? in polyamory are wonderful, crazy and unpredictable, to say the least.

Let us ask: what you would do in these situations?

1.  What if your good friend’s polyamorous female friend starts erotically rubbing your leg… while you are sitting in between both them?

2. What if you discover your lover’s ego is a monstrous beast of selfishness that you are unsure you are willing to tolerate?

3. What if a poly partner you were attracted to was attracted to a person you find absolutely revolting?

4. What if you know a mother and a daughter who are both attractive, and are both polyamorous?

5. What if you are denied a sexual experience by a person you’re attracted to, who just fondled your genitals less than 30 seconds ago, without your permission?

6. What if your lover went to a sex club with you, but they asked to go to an event you weren’t comfortable with?

7. What if you helped your lover overcome an addiction, and they celebrated it with an indulgence in that addiction, that led to a threesome?

8. What if you asked your polyamorous lover for some temporary space, and they gave you a monogamous ultimatum?

9. What if you had unprotected sex with one of your poly lovers, and she called you months later to tell you that they might have contracted chlamydia?

10. What if your family discovered you were poly, and everyone was supportive of it, except for the oldest member of the family?

There are the oddest little peculiarities to the polyamory life, and having an open mind and open heart is certainly the best way to get past it all. But at some point, it’s possible to get lost in the madness and the oddness of it all! Sometimes you just have to stop and say: WOW. Who would have thought, when I was an innocent little virgin, that I would have to deal with such things like multiple emotional overlaps between various people’s genitalia and such? It’s a funny thought to process, and to stop and answer each possibility with the honesty, hardcore integrity and humbleness it takes to face these issues and dilemmas is the key and doorway to accessing a level of inner power and self-awareness that will make you virtually indestructible in the realm of polyamory and love.

But still, your mind will never be the same again!

You know what they say: a heart stretched beyond it’s original dimensions never takes the same shape again…

In love,
Addi Stewart

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