It’s a Small Small World in a Polyamory Community

Some wild shit happened last weekend that blew my mind out of its fantasy cubbyhole! I am a superslut and seen a lot of wild things and done even more wild things that I can’t even talk about in public, but there are always levels that haven’t been achieved and places that haven’t been explored.

Somehow, the universe manages to squeeze some more shock out of it’s life sockets and electrify me with new insights I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest wet dreams!

Sex is the only place where water and electricity go together, please believe it, and I don’t mean taking your Hitachi Magic Wand in the bath! I joke, I kid… okay, lemme dive and dig into this story.

I was with a lover, and we were having a pleasant early evening together, just chatting and cuddling in public—no biggie. Then her friend shows up to join us, like hello! New friend, no prob. And we all chat, and things are coolio. But… change is afoot and the hands of destiny are shuffling the deck of fate!

I see a weird twinkle in her eye at some point, and just keep on truckin’ towards loving. And then… and then…
And then my lover’s friend gets up and looks me in the eye.

She says, “Did you used to go to Oasis Sex Club?”
“Yes,” I respond. I don’t hide my truth from nobody.
She aks, “Did you… have a threesome one time… with…?”

She went on to fill my joy-overflowing, brain-stem box with the EXACT memory of HER and I together in a threesome at this sex club four years ago, for one night only. In the here and now, I could not quite place her in this semi-dark room, in a completely different context, while she is wearing clothes. BUT she remembered ME!

My brain melted as the memory reformed in my frontal lobe. It was stunning. I had sweat upon my brow, and it was serious! So that was fun and all, but I had to immediately talk to my lover and say, “I didn’t know this would happen. I apologize for any inconvenience.”

She was cool with my apology, but she was shocked and had every right to be. Who expects that the person you’re trying to date already had sex with the person you are introducing them to… which is the person who you’re currently having amazing sex with?

Life is funny, and polyamory is unbelievable. And it’s great, cause all three of us are still friends and lovers. Yay!

Addi Stewart

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