Discovering Polyamory at a Young Age

I’m the Drake of Polyamory, folks: I’m SO FAR GONE! Ha ha, I laugh, and when the laughter is done, I smile even more… cause it’s the truth!

When I was eighteen, I was doing polyamory, feeling polyamorous, and trying to express polyamorous possibilities before I learned the actual word.

It was awesome when I discovered that there was A SYSTEM of this not-just-one-girlfriend idea, like OMG NO WAY you’re serious? YESSS!

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Life got exponentially better when I deconstructed the shackles of slavery to monogamy’s emotional limitations, which I NEVER fit into, after seventeen.

I was in a one-year monogamous relationship in me high school, puppy-love years, from sixteen to seventeen, and after that, my love wings spread open!

One of the next women I was with was generous with her energy, and since she was so damn HAWT, I expected her to get lots o’ attention.

But I didn’t feel threatened by that, at all! I really didn’t. I was starting to float away from the traditional systems of thought and action, and I really just didn’t feel like creating some artificial and ineffective jealousy psychology to shackle my ladygirl in, just because I was in something monogamous before that. Why repeat history?

I had something new, and we were both feeling ourselves hard and good. Now, why should we limit it? We were both young, dumb, full of cum, fun and drugs, and also living on the run. Pseudo-homeless, hustling and just feeling fancy and free, so why would we make promises to stop indulging in others?

I didn’t ask her to, and she didn’t ask me to. And we both wound up with other wonderful lovers, at the age of seventeen, like most young folks secretly do… except we didn’t keep it a secret from each other! It was perfectly coolio.

And since then, I can honestly say: maybe one out of every ten or fifteen women I meet are comfortable and cool with polyamory. Some months, it’s more like one out of twenty! This idea genuinely repels A NOTICEABLE NUMBER OF PEOPLE. And straight up and down and sideways all around: polyamory technically, on a strictly biological level, inherently is somewhat resisted by a huge size of the population, since marriage is the prevailing concept that cis-gender heteronormative monogamous matrimonial culture is built upon, baby!

It’s been that way for nearly 2000 years, and us valiant romantic rabblerousers who are doing the do so damn different really only make up like less tha five percent of the population. And being such a small minority, even though we’re not really THAT threatening to the status quo (if we’re true to our morals, ha) still means that we are an EROTIC ANOMALY. And you know what they say about those people who do that weird shit: THEY’RE WEIRD!!!

Don’t matter that nuff monogamous people cheat, or that the divorce rate is around FIFTY percent, or that multiple marriages don’t seem to solve the problem, or that lifelong fidelity is a statistical aberration in the VAST MAJORITY of the species of mammals on earth… us poly people are still judged by MILLIONS of people as weird, wrong, warped and doing wickedness… even as they operate with torrid clandestine affairs aplenty. Tsk tsk, I say!

Bottom line: polyamory will actually SCARE some people away from being even simple acquaintances with you. But honestly, it’s worth it all!s

I wouldn’t want to be a member of a club that wouldn’t want to have me, anyways! Ha ha.

In lots of love,
Addi Stewart

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