An Example of Perfect Polyamory Practice

I would like to share an example of the awesome, mystical, magical, miraculous beauty of polyamory with you—to inspire the world, or just one person, to take magnificent leaps of faith and marvelous bounds of compassion towards each other.

I went to a dinner with awesome porn friends from Montreal recently, and some absolute bliss unfolded alongside the delicious dinner that was shared (it makes sense for poly people to eat South Asian food… there’s so much sharing happening! 

Four friends talking shop around a dinner table… when the guy across from me has a visitor. She comes in, kisses him, joins our conversation sporadically, then floats away to do her own thing. I was enamored with her smile and wit and charm, but I saw her place a sweet kiss on this lovely gentleman’s lips, and I wished them happiness.

As I was leaving, I DID overhear him say one thing that was intriguing. He said, “Oh yeah, we’re a poly couple.” In my joy-soaked mind I was like, oh oh! but only in my mind, as we were officially there on business. Sexy, sexy business. I still gave him my email and phone number, hugged him because he was a cool-ass dude, and then bid myself adieu.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from him a few days later saying, “Dude, I think you’re awesome… and guess what? My lady friend also thinks you’re awesome. And cute, to boot.”

Oy vay! I clutched my pearls and wrote, “The feeling is mutual, good sir!”

He encouraged me to reach out to her and set up a date. It was wonderful how he was the exact opposite of jealous, he was polyfidelitous (our new word that’s joining the gang with “compersion”, our favorite word around here. He was almost PUSHING me towards hooking up with his poly girlfriend! I gotta buy this guy a drink or something someday!

So anyhoo, I emailed her, and she back to me. Things are looking up, up and away, that’s all I should say until the day comes where we connect and play, but that’s the direction everything is headed, that’s for damn sure!

To think… I was just sitting there, eating my rice and samosas, just being my regular old self, when this wonderful magical sexual blissful chance fell into my lap. Yummy! I scooped it up and swallowed it whole. And it was delicious. Good thing it’s only the appetizer! I wonder what she’s going to taste like…

Addi Stewart

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