What You Can Learn from Bad Dates

Great dates are, well… great! But unfortunately (or at least in my case) there seems to be a larger percentage of not-so-good dates and sometimes just plain horrible. And not necessarily because the men I date are horrible people but because the chemistry is off.

So why keep going? Why keep truckin’ along the dating highway? Because there’s something to be learned from every date – the mediocre ones to the ones that had you running out the door. And don’t forget the good stories you’ll have to tell your friends at the next boys’ night out.

Sometimes you only begin to recognize what you want in a partner after you see/experience what you DON’T want. A woman who talks poorly of her parents may remind you how important it is for a future partner to be family-oriented. Or a woman putting herself down every other minute may remind you how a self-assured woman is more of a match for you.

Dating regularly can help keep your confidence high (even the baddies) because you’re not putting all your hopes and dreams into one date. And when you do take a dating break (which can be necessary, especially after heartbreak) and return, the anxiety is always a little higher and the bad-dates can be more crushing.

Also, those “bad dates” may point out things that they found off-putting in your behaviour (ouch!) which may be a little hurtful at first but can be very useful information as you continue to look for your next partner.

So… don’t just wipe a bad date from your memory, take a minute to examine what didn’t work and why. This will help you find what you’re looking for.

Any bad date stories you care to share?

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