Is Polyamory Right For You?

Polyamory is for people who desire to be sexual and/or intimate with more than one partner in an honest and consensual way. How to know if polyamory is something you want to try and live by is to examine your beliefs and values. If you share the following ideas and thoughts, a poly relationship might be just the lifestyle for you.

1. You don’t believe the status quo has all the right answers when it comes to finding love.

2. You suspect there may be more satisfaction, security, and fun outside the standard monogamous relationship. Relationships with a single other have not been fulfilling.

3. The current divorce rate and adultery are less than appealing. You feel your current primary partner may be open to the idea of bringing others into the relationship.

4. You are a great communicator in relationships and have a strong belief in personal growth. Through introspection, you recognize that your emotional needs are not being met.

5. You know you could be intimate and make a commitment to more than one person.

6. You understand a poly relationship isn’t about having more sex, but having more than one person to love. Although more sex is welcome.

7. You are open to intimacy (not necessarily sex) with people of the same gender.

8. You have been honest with partners and sometimes it has hurt the relationship. Being truthful in a relationship as it progresses is a priority with you.

9. You believe people grow and change differently and the idea of one person meeting your needs over a lifetime seems ridiculous.

10. You think that intellectual, emotional, and sexual stimulation would be better met through a variety of people rather than one individual.

Do these characteristic, thoughts, and ideas sound like you? Maybe stepping out of your monogamous relationship would be a positive step towards a happier life. Or maybe you are alone and want to try something new. If you already enjoy a polyamorous lifestyle, tell us how you first knew it was right for you.

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