Practicing Personal and Professional Polyamory

Polyamory is sometimes about having our cake and eating it too. Some of us are lucky enough to be practicing polyamory and enjoying multiple relationships in our private lives. But what about the OTHER lucky folks?

There are a few of us blessed individuals who not only practice polyamory in our personal lives, but also in our professional lives! It adds a whole other dimension of responsibility to your ability and necessity to communicate with partners to solve problems and make fantasies become memories.

When it’s for money and for art’s sake, polyamory becomes collaborative with new levels of sharing and speaking up, and requires honesty and integrity, as well as punctuality. You have to literally show up on time and give love AS A JOB.

I had a wonderful experience happen, that embodied all these experiences. I woke up with one of my main poly lovers who slept over recently, then made sweet love to her before she went to work. Then I got up, and went to my work—acting in four different erotic videos with a gorgeous angel I love to be passionate with for my porn job. And her boyfriend was there the whole time!

I talked to her about our boundaries, physically and emotionally, then we enjoyed each other all damn day. Her boyfriend was there just hanging out, kissing and chatting her up between our scenes.

At the end of the day, we expressed our mutual desire to work and play together again. I then went home to see my lover. It was a perfect combination of professional polyamory and personal fantasy combining, and I’m a blessed man to have this exist in my life.

It just takes desire and research to see what, where, when, and how you can incorporate sex work or professional eroticism into their life, adding a new layer of cake to enjoy!

Bon appetit,
Addi Stewart

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