Instigating Intimacy with Poly Partners

Polyamory has some interesting nuances to it (my fingers slipped and I first wrote nuisances instead of nuances. Freudian much? LOL. Anyways, I digress.)

Those nuances that creep into the crevasses of connection and communication are the neglected, negligible and necessary re-energizations to keep connections alive and living longer and longer. Or else polyamory becomes some endless quest to hook up with new partners all the time and nothing else (which isn’t something I’m complaining about… it’s just not something I’m *talking* about.)

Polyamory needs constant tending to, reconnecting, bonding, uniting, and re-energizing. But the question remains: who is the person doing it? Both partners? One of them all the time? Another one of them barely any of the time? Is the relationship continuing because one person constantly is trying to spend time and energy with the other, who avails themselves to the other of their energy when the whim so descends upon their bits?

Or is it a nice fluid mix of back and forth instigations of intimacy? That’s a nice thing to feel. Both people making plans, both people contributing ideas, both people suggesting movies to watch, both people choosing music to listen to, and certainly both people cooking food for each other to enjoy together.

I just had some amazing eggplant wrapped in rice, mozzarella, carrots, potatoes and love from one of my angelic partners, and we take care of each other’s needs in many different ways… as we both make time for one another consistently. Others come to share time and passion, and I instigate intimacy with them too! But it all fluctuates, depending on chemistry, and only you know how strong, deep or powerful that is.

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