Why You Should Ditch Monogamy

Polyamory is a special thing. I keep saying that it’s growing: it’s on TV, it’s in movies, Lisa Simpson apparently is in a poly relationship in future episodes, and whatnot.

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It’s the life for many of us evolved creatures on planet earth, and it’s a mindset that provides the foundation for honest and beautiful connections not shackled to the structures of monogamous limitation, in a world with seven billion people!

Do we really only have one soulmate? Do we really live to only spend our entire lives after marriage with one person? I do not believe this to be the case, whatsoever, my friends and enemies.

I will spend the rest of my days and steamy nights on earth manifesting the results of such a belief system! I take one cut-eye sideways glance at the divorce statistics (still hovering around fifty percent) and I say, “NOT ME TOO!”

Because after witnessing and observing the eventualities of so many marriages in the last year or two, I’ve come to the conclusion that marriage doesn’t keep sex alive! Remove the cheaters, players, cads, two-timers, divorcees, deadbeat dads and moms, and when you check in on whoever is left to love each other: I see lots of lovely families, I see lots of lovely people, I see lots of good connections.

Monogamous family-building works for a percentage of the population, and that cannot be denied, no matter how much the myth of monogamy perpetuates around human societies across the globe… while mammals in nature world-round, are often not doing a damn thing close to acting monogamous or even monogamish!

Follow your instincts over the misleading words spoken by others in the world…. who may not even be going where you want to go with your lovers, friends and family! I’ve felt these five constructive critiques of monogamy are fair and valid to make, and I want to not live under the tyranny of these troubling truths, half-truths, and liquid lies that lacerate the future of the friendly fuck! 

5 Constructive Critiques of Monogamy

1. Monogamy doesn’t allow much, if any, conversation about emotions for other people, without causing internal strife or insecurity.

2. Monogamy has troubles finding ways to let partners speak about fantasies and dreams that are not like one’s peer group or community.

3. Monogamy teaches people that they are possessions to be owned singularity, instead of possibly gifts to be shared communally.

4. Monogamy denies people the opportunity to explore adventures in human connection that combine sexuality with the benefits of team sport or high art.

5. Monogamy questions the curiosity of people who want to push boundaries in sexy directions like BDSM, or things of the naughty nature.

But it doesn’t have to be like this! As long as you don’t believe the hype, you won’t dream a lie.

And good luck in continuing to give freedom to your heart and soul!

Sincerely yours in love,
Addi Stewart

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