Maintaining a Great Poly Reputation

Reputation: Don’t lose it. Do you even care, bro? Do you even care, sis?

Do you have a reputation as a bit of an easy sexual partner, because of it being:

A) True. IT IS WITH ME! And I’m not ashamed to admit it! But, I star in feminist pornography so my situation is far different from yours, probably.

B) False. Gossip spread by malicious people with truly bad intentions for your present peace of mind and future peace of heart.

C) A Rumor. You wouldn’t be the first, cupcake. Not to minimize your mistreatment. But there’s a long line of people being slut-shamed to death and beyond.

D)  A Mystery. ???

E) All of the above. Some unfathomable concoction that messes up everyone’s life real lovely and nice.

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I’m of the opinion that reputations are only worth what they can give to you, and mostly shouldn’t be able to take things from you, unless you’re a taker. Ifhe opposite kind-of thing sounds right for you, give for a while, and see how balanced you start to feel inside your body.

Even though she may be the dictionary definition of “problematic fave,” I still pray at the Church of Oprah on occasion. There’s a few timeless jewels that Ms. You-Get-A-Car dropped into my brain and one of them was this: “What other people have to say about me is none of my business.”

Damn, homie! That’s kind of ingenious in a holistic fashion, and it’s honorable beyond the typical mudslinging, dirt, drama and circular slander that crushes the modern character.

I have a pretty good reputation I think. But I don’t know how to quantify it. One thing I know I can quantify it with, is the consistency of the relationships I have in my life all moving along nicely like traffic in heaven.

I’ve had some women approach me and recoil in fear when hearing that I do polyamory… but they don’t know a thing about ME in particular, they’re just judging and reacting to the misinformation and propaganda spread about the poly lifestyle. It is still not accepted on a widespread level, even if it’s at its most popular right now in society’s history. Which may also be debatable, but… I digress.

What do people think about you? Do you know anyone you could ask, and get an honest answer from?

What do you think about people?

What do you do about what other people think about you?

What kind of impact do you leave behind you as you move forward in your sex life?

Do you move forward, and do you know why if you aren’t? 

Why do people say what they say about you, and when do you want to do something about it for yourself?

Having a wonderful reputation fusion-bonded to a behaviour pattern of passion can create life’s most scientific magic.

Try not to talk inaccurate shit behind people’s backs. Or try saying nothing about people who aren’t there, or at least be rational in your fury. Beyond that, just keep doing the best you can for as many people as you can, then at some point, you can’t be stopped, because they need you.

A great reputation will work wonders upon wonders for a polyamorist before the bliss even fully exists! And then, they feel safe to get there.

A golden reputation feels freedom beyond words, no pun intended. L’chaim!

Lovely truth,
Addi Stewart

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