Pansexuality vs Bisexuality

The term pansexual has been popping up here and there in online forums and tumblr. Many people are unclear about just what,

Two Men Fight Over Woman

Jealousy vs Compersion

Imagine this scenario: one evening you look out your window to the street below just in time to catch your partner returning

Guy with two girls enjoying drinks

Poly Rules: Contacting A Third

In this series, I’ll discuss rules that poly couples (in dyads, triads, and quads) choose in order to manage their relationships respectfully.

Jealousy in Poly Relationships

Poly NRE: Avoiding Jealousy

If you coast around on poly sites online, eventually you’ll come upon the acronym NRE. But what is this elusive thing, written

How Many Metamours Do you Have

Poll: How Many Metamours?

Whether you’re a seasoned polyamorist or new to open relationships, the truth is that the hard part starts when the first of