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Polyamorous people are the most interesting people in the world. Free-thinkers in open-relationships, willing to explore new possibilities and experience the joyful nature of life and love. Now that you’ve decided to share the unrestricted passion you feel with others, creating your own account at Polyamory Date is the best way to begin your online dating adventure. Start by telling us something about yourself while answering a simple survey, letting other polyamorous couples and singles find out enough about you to entice their senses and kindle the kind of encounters you crave.

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Stay In Control of Your Own Poly Lifestyle

Just because you are a polyamorous couple or open-minded single seeking a hookup, casual date or open relationship – that doesn’t necessarily mean you want everyone to know what you are up to in your private life. That’s why Polyamory Date has been built with powerful privacy tools and optional social settings designed to give you total control over your profile and what you share. Whether you choose to be an extrovert sharing videos, or someone seeking excitement more discreetly – this is the one dating site that gives you total control over your own level of openness.

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Share Video And Voice Introductions

Living the polyamorous lifestyle gives you plenty of wild stories to tell and intimate moments worth sharing. Your own poly dating profile does a decent job of explaining who you are, but it lacks the warmth and personality that you can add by uploading your own voice or video introductions. Set your privacy settings the way you want them, then upload a video that shows a more personal side of who you really are and what you’re seeking. As you’ll see as soon as you enter the world of Polyamory Date; humor, erotica, intelligence and emotion all have their place in this community of sexy couples and singles.

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Search Easily for Local Poly Meet Ups

Once you create your polyamory dating profile, you’ll see that your new challenge is choosing which lovely ladies and leading men are the ones you want to date first. Thanks to the millions of couples and singles in our community, and a robust set of search tools, the ease of making connections and meeting polyamorous people is a key reasons why swingers and poly life-stylers prefer this site. It takes just a few seconds to sift and sort through potential partners in your own location, or any destination you intend to visit.

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Polyamorous Cupid Algorithm

One of the challenges of open relationship dating is finding a couple or third that fits the desires of you and your primary partner. With potentially competing points of interest, going profile by profile can lead to frustration. That’s why we created Polyamorous Cupid, a way to ensure that Polyamory Date only shows you the members that fit your criteria. After joining, be sure to set your Cupid Preferences and let us quickly show your top potential matches. Take the guess work out of polyamory dating and make it easier to meet polyamorous partners and find the arrangement you desire. When Cupid aims to please, everyone wins!

Polyamory Chat Rooms For All

Chat with Polyamorous Couples & Singles

Email can feel like it is taking forever when you are trying to contact someone you are lusting after. Phone may be a bit too much information to share with someone you are just meeting online for the first time. That’s why Polyamory Date has a built-in polyamory chat system for all members. Creating your own profile is easy, and chatting with couples or singles about yourselves or your next date really is a great way to get communication started.

Join today to enjoy all that this community has to offer open-minded, polyamorous people seeking poly hookups, online play or open-relationship dating.

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Polyamory Chat Rooms Set The Mood

Attending polyamorous events can be an awesome experience for any couple seeking to spice up their love life, but your schedule won’t always allow you to attend every local party or travel to rendezvous with like-minded people. The poly chat rooms at Polyamory Date serve the same purpose, but because they’re online they add an additional level of convenience by bringing together people who want to connect from anywhere, at any time. Meet more people, explore more options and find the right match for your own private meet up, a long distance dating relationship or just someone to connect with along your journey.

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Connect with Live Video Chat

Broadcasting live from your webcam is the fastest way to turn on thousands of fans and potential poly dating opportunities instantly. Why waste time slowly dipping your toe in the water when you can skinny-dip in the most vibrant dating pool of polyamorous people ever assembled. Taking full advantage of technology and your own unique sense of style allows you to show the world what a great potential partner you are. Too shy or prefer a little more anonymity? You can enjoy the live polyamory chat rooms of other members without having to broadcast yourself, no problem.

Enjoy Live Video at Polyamory Date

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Submit Your Own Polyamorous Videos

Polyamory Date is fun every time you come online, but what about the times when you aren’t logged in because you’re busy meeting new people in person? That’s when your own collection of videos that you can upload to the site really amp up the dating experience. Let your videos show everyone how much fun you are to hookup with. Each time you check your messages you’ll find plenty more dating opportunities and messages from potential polyamory partners.

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Heat Up The Intensity With Live Poly Video Chat

In the mood to play with someone new right away, but not wanting to wait for your first date? Browse the sexy members broadcasting live right now. It’s as easy as browsing the live streams, picking the sexy member who fits your particular desire, and enjoying erotic times together. You can turn on your own video, or just use poly chat. Gain inspiration for our own love life, learn new techniques, and amplify the excitement of your time at Polyamory Date.

Polyamory Groups, Blogs, & More

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Discover Sexy Interest Groups Beyond Dating

Finding your next partner is one way to use Polyamory Date, but for many couples the benefits go even deeper than that. Meet exciting people with diverse interests and explore new kinks that may lead to more social contacts, love lines or polyamorous possibilities. If you don’t see a polyamory group for the interest that has your attention, go ahead and create your own. It’s a great way to share some of the things that make you unique.

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500,000 Blogs By Polyamorous People

Read the inner-thoughts of our sexy members as they share their experiences and let you in to gain a deeper understanding of who they are, why they love the open dating lifestyle, and the things they have learned along the way. Create your own polyamory blog and speak your mind any time, get an external point of view on the philosophy you follow, and evolve your relationships by sharing thoughts and getting feedback.

Poly Relationship Advice and Articles

Polyamory dating is a topic that most people misunderstand and many experts have tried to unravel. Polyamory Date is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the idea of an open relationship but undecided about the best way to proceed. If you and your partner have discussed the concept and are looking for connections, poly groups, advice and opportunities, your couples profile is the first step in meeting like-minded people and learning more about the lifestyle.

Polaymory Dating App for any Device

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Access Open-Minded Partners from Anywhere

As the newest member of the Polyamory Date, you have instant access to our community from all of your devices, with no download required. Log in to our web app from any browser on your tablet, phone, or home computer simply by visiting PolyamoryDate.com. Meet new people, share new adventures and stay in constant contact from anywhere in the world, any time. Whether you want to find new people for long-term open relationships or casual play – this is the community of singles, couples and polyamorous lovers that you and your partner have always been seeking. Enjoy!