Confessions of an Exhibitionist

Definition of Exhibitionism:

a:  a perversion in which sexual gratification is obtained from the indecent exposure of one’s genitals (as to a stranger)

   b:  an act of such exposure

2   :  the act or practice of behaving so as to attract attention to oneself

When I was younger, my mother would call me an exhibitionist because I ran around the neighborhood naked, singing at the top of my lungs. I never thought much of it (definition #2).

Now that I’m older I definitely fit the #1 definition. But don’t misunderstand me, I don’t go flashing strangers on the bus or running down the street naked anymore. It’s all done from the privacy of my home.

Two years ago, I moved into a downtown hi-rise with windows all around. I had planned to buy curtains or blinds – I did, I really did! I’d pin sheets up and then just got lazy, leaving the windows exposed. It was also the first time in a long while that I’d lived without roommates, so walking around naked felt very liberating and became my routine.

Things got interesting when I saw a neighbor looking directly at me from the next building over. I ran to the bathroom immediately, feeling embarrassed at first but then turned on. I took a long hot shower and masturbated… it was a double orgasm!

I saw him again, exactly a week later, though not looking out his window to see the sunset he was last time! I gave him a bit of a show, hoping that it didn’t look planned. I pretended to be getting undressed after a long day at the office. I slowly unrolled stockings (that I actually never wear!) and massaged my breasts after unhooking my bra. I made sure never to face his window directly. I knew that he was turned on by being the voyeur, the same way I was by “performing” for him. I would sometimes lounge spread eagle on the couch to watch an erotic movie, and touch myself if I was really in the mood to tease him.

This went on until I had to move again for a new job. And now I’m on the first floor of a house, so I’m not sure that I’m going to find a “special friend” to perform for, but you never know…

Until then, I will visit the nude beach nearby to get a small fix for my exhibitionist tendencies.

Are you an exhibitionist? How far do you take it?

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