The Business and Pleasure of Polyamory

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Don’t listen to what they say! You know—them. They’re the ones who say a buncha fear-based, hesitation-based, pessimistic cynical shit that doesn’t do much for uplifting ideologies like polyamory and free love!

They say shit like “don’t shit where you eat” and “never sleep with your boss” and malarkey like that. Sure, some people should take this advice because they’re not conducting their sexual reality like a mature adult, and if that’s your deal, you should probably lean towards the most basic monogamous situation and throw in a lot of masturbation just to keep the libido calm.

Us poly folks be out here, doing weird and wonderful and wild things where we just follow our hearts and play by the rules of the romantic dreamers of the stars! It’s so very possible, and I’ll explain why I’m on the next level.

I just got home from an event tonight that tested some new limits of mixing business and pleasure, and my heart and honesty continued to take me to the best place that my dreams could ever want to be!

I have a poly lover who means the world to me, and we have been together for a solid four months now, spending many days a week together, talking every day, and being intimately sexually connected. What we also share is a very deep business connection, which is a new situation for me in my twenty years +  polyamory love career.

She helps me with my music marketing and management, and it’s been educational and insightful to choose moments when we’re being responsible and not sharing sexual emotions, but then knowing when we have done our work, and can return to doing love and sexual things together—sometimes in the same environment, but only after the business is completely done.

I am not trying to ruin my business relationship by having an irresponsible decision fuck shit up from the outside, and I’m not going to do the same thing to my personal relationship by having the business impact it from the outside. It takes focus and care, but it’s possible.

I love this woman with all my heart, and I also love doing business with her. It’s wonderful and refreshing to structure our connection with these different realms of joy!

Good times,
Addi Stewart

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