Polyamory Moments to Remember

Woman on Top of Lover

There are times that define a person. Shape a destiny. Mold an identity. Create a character. FORGE AN IMMORTAL!

*cue triumphant orchestral symphony theme*

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Ha ha, I kid and I joke. But when the laughter is done… the truth is standing there, naked and still smiling at everyone.

I bring this naked truth to your attention, as I question your journey to this point, in retrospective respect, and curious care.

I wonder to the collective whole, and request thine assistance in answering this cute little question:

What is your most Polyamorous Moment in your blossoming love life thus far, dearest reader of mine?

Like Michael Jordan’s tongue-sticking-out moment, or Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania in the 80’s.

Or Meryl Streep’s finest celluloid monologue in your humble estimation, if not Frida Kahlo’s most vibrant self-reflection by paintbrush.

I ask for you to think of what polyamorous mountaintops you have ascended courageously, and what it looked like to plant your flag so high up.

Or more appropriately: felt like! Not to deny either dimension of awareness, though. The unfantasized life is not worth daydreaming about, to promiscuously paraphrase an old philosopher.

For me, I think I had my Poly Moon Landing Moment (One small step of a fun evening for sexy Addi, one great leap for universal polyamory!) just a couple weeks ago. A newly heart-smashing angel who is currently rewriting my romantic reality, thought it would be fun to push the boundaries to ludicrous speed and then keep on fucking and trucking!

She was like. “What you doing tonight?”

I said. “I got a date with one of my passionate sex partners tonight, we’re having a fuck date!”

She replied, “That’s hot as hell! I’m so happy for you two! I hope you have an amazing time with her!”

I said, “Thanks so much, angel. You’re the best! And what are you doing tonight?”

She goes “Oh, I have a date with a sexy girl I met…”

I said, “Damn, girlfriend! Get it! I’m so happy for you!”

Then she said, “Well, we have an hour before our dates start. LETS FUCK”

So we did for the full hour, until it was time to freshen up and go out and see other lovers.

Then we both went on our separate dates… and had a fucking blast on each one of them, respectively.

Next morning she asks me, “How was your date last night?”

I said, “It was magnificent! I had amazing sex again! How about your date, how was she?”

She replied, “I got lucky! Had some sex with her too!”

And we both lived happily ever after. Together… AND with other lovers!!

I am pretty sure that was my Most Polyamorous Moment of Sexual Superstardom. Except for the ten-person orgy, but that was different.

I love my life, regardless.

And you too,
Addi Stewart

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