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“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.” – Kanye West, “Famous” off The Life of Pablo

Some people hear this, and think that it’s just an incendiary line meant for shock value to get attention. It could be, it could not be.

Kanyeshrug. Ha.

The more interesting thing isn’t Kanye West talking about having sex with the woman he famously stage-crashed and upstaged like a drunken bully at the MTV Awards so many years ago. It’s the fact that Kanye West is a father who is married to arguably the most famous supermodel on planet earth, and he’s so often caught out there chatting about having sex with other women!

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I don’t have any paparazzi-like hardcopy evidential proof, but I swear: I think Kanye and Kim Kardashian are polyamorous!

And this may be obvious to some people, but I’m sure not everyone is open to this idea, or thinks that some celebrities are not swingers or anything of the sort, and that it’s all just spin and image maintenance. And there are certain celebrities where I’m sure that’s the case we’re dealing with, and they are not nearly as sexy, freaky, kinky or non-conservative as we might believe.

Money is to be made by keeping people confused and comprehending only the most basic possibilities and regular relationship scenarios, instead of the fantabulous extracurricular Hollywood Hills super-orgies and Playboy-like Grotto action that could happen with people as sexy, powerful and image-driven as Kanye and Kim.

I would also like to suggest the unspoken reality of BOTH of these people coming from highly sexualized lives before they were married: Kim with her sex tape with Ray J, and her sex life with various football players and rappers; and Kanye West with his relationships with Amber Rose and that model Alexis, as well as many other women we obviously know and don’t know about.

The truth is, these celebrities had and continue to have VERY active sex lives. I don’t think it’s realistic to think that they’re just going to kill their gushing libidos that generate radioactively chaotic crowds every day, and just stash all the potential pussy and dick and ass in the trash. I can’t see them just go about their business without ever exploring their pleasure capacity.

There are some celebrities who I think like to PRETEND they are flirty and sexy and wild, like Nicki Minaj, but who are actually more conservative, traditional, asexual, and maybe even prudish than their image, music, lyrics and interviews suggest.

Then, you got the Rihanna types. These celebrities are the ones who DO go to the private orgies and secret parties and who are probably WAY crazier than the rumors. Some of them are fucking like crazy-ass rabbits on quaaludes and have no intention of stopping. Kudos to them, I say. Big up! I got love for ALL types, no matter what kinda sexuality/non-eroticism anyone enjoys, but I will NOT deny my admiration of raw carnal desire as often as humanly possible.

All that to say: I think Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have some kind of open marriage/polyamorous relationship/non-traditional monogamy happening! There’s the Taylor Swift lyric that didn’t faze Kim K. in the slightest (she actually is the one who was recording the in-studio conversation between Taylor and Kanye about the lyric, therefore if she’s not okay with extramarital sex, she’s okay with people ostensibly thinking that she’s okay with extramarital sex!) You have to hear the song “Famous” by Kanye featuring Rihanna to fully get the picture, but ultimately I think we have the silent foundations of an open celebrity marriage.

This one lyric also found its way into the intro position on Kanye’s Watch The Throne album with Jay-Z, and it’s quietly one of the concrete commandments of polyamory, even though Yeezus never really outright says he’s poly… he sure ACTS like it! 

“And deception is the only felony… so never fuck nobody without telling me.” – Kanye West, “No Church In The Wild”

The line before it? “We formed a new religion… no sins, as long as there’s permission.”

Sounds like a man who is in a very sexually flexible relationship with a very understanding woman!


Addi Stewart

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