Famous or Not, Abusers and Exploiters Must Be Stopped

Handcuffed Man Behind Bars

I had to say something about it. I don’t know if you have the same social media antennas and networks I have, but dream hampton, former writer at The Source magazine (the monthly hip-hop bible of the 90s) released a VERY IMPORTANT documentary earlier this month.

Surviving R. Kelly deals with celebrity culture, sexuality, kink, abuse, underage children, illegal money-grubbing parents—all kinds of shady and underhanded tactics by a whole manner of people who should know better, and more importantly: DO better.

Why does this matter here? Because there is an unfortunate parallel and fallout crossover from ALL these abusers and exploiters when it comes to open-minded women and partners in sexuality and fantasy.

The strong/famous celebrities/leaders in any industry or realm of life can get attention for their skills/talents/gifts/power/money/reputation and attract a lot of women. Sometimes they are underage girls, and in some places, countries, and even industries, this isn’t a problem that is enforced with severity or sincerity. It’s a fact of life that’s been happening to young people and sex-positive people for decades, even centuries.

I don’t often talk about stuff like this, but it’s true, and it affects everyone in weird, warped, wicked ways. The R. Kelly problem is complex, but a real part of it is that he’s trying to claim he’s into open relationships, multiple partners, kinky sex, and things like that… and it often has begun with 14 or 16-year-old girls who are not legally allowed to even consent to such activities with him in the state of Illinois! They are trapped in an abusive relationship for years, only escaping after he moves on to other younger victims.

This is how so many abusive relationships happen—many men, who exploit open-minded thinkers in sex, use mind games like R. Kelly to lure them in with hopes of pleasure and higher bliss… but end up taking control and their innocence.

I highly recommend anyone who is interested in justice for girls and women to watch Surviving R. Kelly. Polyamory can be abused like celebrity, and I hope those who read this aren’t the type to take advantage of people’s sexual generosity, no matter how old or young or strong or weak they are.

I will NEVER defend an abuser, no matter how rich, famous, beautiful or talented they are. R. Kelly’s fucking music was never that good! The monster needs jailhouse rehabilitation, like Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, and so many more. Bill Cosby was just a start. Let’s keep the sexual justice train moving onward, upward and forward!

Addi Stewart

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