The Toy Box: Foreplay Ice Chill Massager

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  • Ease of Use
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  • Value for Dollar

The Toy Box features reviews of toys that myself and other contributors test drive.

The Foreplay Ice Chill Massager is my latest fave toy. If you love sensation play, especially of the cold wet variety then you will love bringing this toy into the bedroom. I can’t imagine a lover that wouldn’t enjoy sharing this with you.

This is a three-in-one toy, so it’s perfect for multiple partners. I had a clit stimulator that I wore out and was planning to replace, but the Ice Chill comes with a three-speed bullet vibrator which is essentially the same thing.
This toy is refreshing for these hot sweaty summer months. Just fill the silicone base with water, fit the massager bulb in, and place in your freezer. Once frozen, peel back the base and presto – instant ice knob for teasing and tempting your lover to ecstacy. The vibrator fits snugly into the base for three speeds of enhanced satisfaction.

I like my lover to lick the water off my skin as the ice melts. And he likes it on his shaft while the tip of his cock is in my mouth, my tongue circling. When the ice melts, you can pull out the vibrator and continue the fun.

This awesome toy is made of high quality silicone and the vibrator is waterproof, which makes all three parts easy to care for with warm water and soap. I also thought the compact size was great for portability when out hooking up. Batteries (three watch) and instructions are included. Great Bang for your buck!

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Check out this step-by-step video:

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