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Polyamory Potential Takes Patience

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Do you know anyone who does sexy or intimate work that interferes with your relationship together? It happens to the best of us, and the worst too, so don’t feel bad.

I’m sure it’s a requirement of human life to experience some form of unrequited love, or lust, or appreciation from someone you’re attracted to or interested in being erotic with. Whether it’s the girl next door in grade school or the boy in the next college dorm, there’s often the chance that things don’t work out with EVERYONE you’re attracted to.

I imagine famous celebrities simply extrapolate their interests exponentially and rack up more numbers of sex partners, but nobody can have sex with everyone in the world, so there’s never a limit or an end to the desire one can want to fulfill… and NEVER finish fulfilling. We must deal with an appetite in polyamory that can be potentially bigger than our sexual stomach can digest, manage or swallow.

Some people who you have potential powerful poly connections with are too busy having life unfold with others in some professional capacity. It’s unfortunate and awkward, but so very real. These people can have too much professional sex or professional art to have a private life, and it’s a challenge to patiently navigate.

Some suitors just throw away their emotions, the potential, and even the person’s phone number, if they aren’t ready to reciprocate the emotion and energy of interest. And that’s not how I roll at all. I have people I’ve been interested in for YEARS, but I simply know that the time isn’t right for them, for me, or for us. It doesn’t mean I stop caring though.

There can be a variety of reasons why professional circumstances or sexuality gets in the way of relations—moving to another town or country for work, going to college or university for higher education, having a family or health obligation, or making a major investment in a situation that requires intense focus.

Thus, professional passion supersedes private passion, and you and I are out here in the cold, with a burning heart, waiting and wondering how long we have to stroke the coals—good thing love lasts damn near forever!

It’s GREAT that we’re polyamorous too, so we can cuddle with others who are NOT in the same professional predicament as the one we are so enraptured by.

Work hard, play hard!
Addi Stewart

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