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Khloé Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Baby True

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Once in a while, I like to do a mainstream analysis of emotion and intimacy, and parallel it to some poly philosophies and ideas that we experience… and do some A-B comparisons just to learn. I KNOW I’ve said that comparison erases appreciation,  but that’s BETWEEN your own lovers!

Comparing your poly life to monogamous people’s lives is not a bad idea, not for the purposes of feeling significant or important (fuck you, Tony Robbins) but for the purposes of education and informing one’s self why exactly they have chosen to step off the heteronormative path to the nuclear-family divorce dance cycle (ha ha just kidding… mostly!)

I look at people who are married and are monogamous, and ask myself: is that what I want? Security and structure? And I always think: FUCK NO! I thank my lucky stars for my first poly relationship happening at the tender age of nineteen. I got lucky! Anyways, as usual, I digress.

Khloé! Mah gurl, the streetwise Kardashian was in the media recently for a few reasons. One of them unfortunately was because her husband, NBA player Tristan Thompson, was allegedly found kissing more than one pretty young thing and broadcast on various social media.

Rumor was that she went into labor upon hearing that Tristan, father of her first child, was out cheating on her. Not the best circumstances to induce labor, Jesus Homewrecker Christ! And she just named her baby True, which is hopefully the direction that things start to take in their relationship, for the sake of the child. Muy oy vay is what I say! Damn, homegirl.

Other juicy cups of tea brewing have said the other lady of the moment, Cardi B, has offered Khloé some personal advice on how to deal with a cheating POS hubby: “Follow what your heart wants to do, at the end of the day.” This is the most beautiful advice anyone could give, especially to celebrities who sometimes make decisions on public popularity’s or handler’s or manager’s opinion, yikes.

Not much word from Tristan Thompson, but after Beyoncé smashed out them windows with a baseball bat in that “Hold Up” video, and Jay-Z begged for her forgiveness in Family Feud” some people posed the question: Do we live in a post-cheating society? And I say: NOT AT ALL!

Just because these women chose to take back their millionaire husbands (for whatever reason), it doesn’t mean cheating isn’t a thing or that PRACTICED polyamory and EXPRESSED open relationships aren’t possible. They are—with other celebrities than the ones that we hear about though!

At this point in time, I’d like to thank Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith for raising two very creative and powerful children while being polyamorous celebrities who like freedom!

Good luck, Khloé. You mah gurl still. Not all Toronto men are cheaters! LOL.

Addi Stewart

Check out the “Family Feud” video by Jay-Z ft. Beyoncé

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