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Famous Poly Couples Who Are Just Like You

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Polyamory isn’t just for the masses. Lots of famous couples also see the benefit and fun that having an open relationship can bring. Just like you, their polyamory takes different forms. And just because they’re famous, it doesn’t mean they don’t need the same great communication skills and open heart that you do. Trina, a statistics analyst at PolyamoryDate.com told us, “Whenever a famous couple comes out as being polyamorous or in an open relationship, we get a huge influx of new members who have been inspired to branch out.” These are just a few famous couples who are rumored to be polyamorous…

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer
He’s a famous fantasy author, with well-known books like Neverwhere and the comic book series The Sandman. She’s a notable musician, formerly of the group The Dresden Dolls. They started dating in 2009 and were married in a non-legally binding eccentric ceremony in New Orleans. Palmer told one interviewer, “I’ve never been comfortable in monogamous relationships.” As for how they deal with the difficulties that can be caused by open relationships? “We talk. And talk. And talk. And hug a lot. And talk some more,” Gaiman told one newspaper.

Rachel Ray & John Cusimano
Though the couple has denied rumors of being in an open relationship, Ray’s husband, John Cusimano has been spotted bringing different dates to a swinger’s club in New York called Checkmate. Whatever their arrangement is, they want to keep it private, and that’s okay with us since it seems to be working for them!

Tilda Swinton & John Byrne
Gorgeous model and actress Tilda Swinton may be raising children with her husband, John Byrne, but the two also have time to step outside and date others. Lately Tilda has been dating Sandro Kopp, an artist, and John has been seeing a woman named Jeanine. “It may seem odd,” she said in one interview, “but it really is the best thing for the children.” She also considers herself very lucky that “the men have been so understanding.”

Is Polyamory Right for You?

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