The Everything To Do With Sex Show

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Good Times Ahead!

The Everything to do with Sex Show is coming! (Pun intended, as usual.)

This weekend, from October 23-25, at the Enercare Centre (Direct Energy Centre) in downtown Toronto, there will be hundreds if not thousands of sexy, curious, clever, cute, fun, wild and open-minded people gathering to explore the ever-expanding world of sexuality, kink, sexual health, pleasure, nutrition and eroticism in all areas of life.

I’ve been to a few of the Everything to do with Sex Shows, and they are always interesting at least and amazing at best. The speaking seminars are always moderated by people who know what the hell they are talking about, people who are actively involved in the sexuality field they are speaking on, and there is always lots of great Q&A sessions for those who want to take their education to the next level. There are participatory segments, free samples, books, toys and tricks for everyone to enjoy, and there is never any pressure to do anything uncomfortable or boundary-violating by anyone. It’s certainly one of the more positive and pleasant sexual atmospheres that one can discover in Toronto and Canada. After 16 years, they would have to have their act together, or they couldn’t exist.

This year, anal sex educator and Good For Her alumni Carlyle Jansen will be speaking again, BDSM practitioner and famous Toronto trans man Carey Gray will be doing a panel, We-Vibe Presents Hotter Oral Sex For Her will be a panel presented once again by the ever-popular Dr. Jess O’Reilly, tantric sex seminars will be presented, a Better Sex After 50 session will be taught by Dr. Laurie Betito, and something extremely intriguing will also be shown: The 12 Types of Orgasms by Dr. Carlen Costa.

There will also be a Burlesque stage with a variety of performers throughtout the weekend, an Erotic Art area, where air-brush body painting, drawing, portraits and all manner of erotic arts will be done and sold, as well as a BDSM section with bondage and spanking demonstrations,  and something tantalizing called The Mistress House, which will be a semi-regular feature in the dungeon part of the conference. It’s always exciting to see the dancers, male dancing revue, acrobats, contortionists, fashion show models and other main stage features they present as well, and hear the endless stream of sexual innuendo and tongue-in-cheek jokes that are told throughout the day.

It’s a wonderfully positive and generally joyful atmosphere in almost every way imaginable, and for people who are into polyamory and/or pornography, it’s a must to make the pilgrimage to the holy mecca that is the Everything to do with Sex Show every fall.

I met one of the best polyamorous lovers of my life when I went last year! She was working a booth for one of the sex clubs in the city that was exhibiting at the show, and once we made eye contact, I could feel her desire engulf my innocent little mind. She sought me out with verve and gusto, and got my contact immediately. The next day, she let me know in no uncertain terms how much she wanted me to try and satisfy her deepest sexual desires, and I discovered that she was virtually the very best sexual chemistry connected partner I had ever had the fortune to find and have fun with. We are still polyamorous partners in touch when time allows us to love each other, over a year later, and it was all because of the Everything to do with Sex Show that we met!

I can’t recommend it enough, for anyone who is into poly, kink, bondage, burlesque, BDSM, toys, fun, games, parties, life and sex! Hope to see you there!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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