Oasis Aqualounge and Deliciously Disabled Party

Woman in Orgasm

I like to consider myself a sexual adventurer, a sexual educator, a sexual athlete and explorer. This upcoming event will take me to places I’ve never been before, on any level, and I will be happy to write about my experiences in sharing my body and spirit with all of these other courageous individuals. I will explore and voyage into places I’ve never known, and places some others have never known either!

Toronto will host its first “disabled play party” on August 14, just around the end of the Parapan Am Games, and I will be participating in it, happily, curiously and passionately. I’ve never had an experience with someone in a wheelchair, but that will be changing, and I look forward to it!

During the filming of the photo shoot that was used to create the advertising and the flyers for it, I was part of a five-person cuddle pile, including a curvaceously large heterosexual woman, a bi-sexual/queer male, a lesbian female, and myself – a non-heterosexual, queer-curious, cis-gendered African-Canadian-Jamaican male – and it was a photo shoot like no other I’ve ever experienced in my very adventurous life. We were all in masquerade face masks like they had in Eyes Wide Shut, and we all were very physical and intimate with each other. It was amazing to share bodies with so many different types of people, especially knowing it was for a great cause: what actually might be the very first disabled play party in North American history! Some people are calling it “the first disabled orgy ever,” and I suppose even if that’s true, it’s not the most palatable way of discussing and promoting the event, since so many people have a lot of miseducation and stigma around sexuality involving people who are differently abled and/or disabled. Well, I hope those people open their minds and receive some vital education, because sex is something that everybody deserves to experience, and that literally means every BODY!

In a case of learning new levels of intimate connection, during the photo shoot, I was requested to cradle and straighten a woman’s head while she was taking pictures, as her neck was unable to stay upright, and therefore, I not only held her intimately and cuddled, but I provided her physical support and stability to her basic bodily needs at the same time, and that taught me a whole new level of compassion and care for someone. While being kissed by another sexy man and woman!! Now THAT was a polyamorous moment of joy that you don’t receive every day!

And it was a delight. I look forward to being a part of Deliciously Disabled!

Toronto Club Hosting Accessible Sex Party for Disabled People

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