L.A. SlutWalk: Polyamory Allies

Slutwalk March

On October 4, Amber Rose, famous former girlfriend of Kanye West and mother of the child of Wiz Khalifa, hosted the first SlutWalk in Los Angeles. Originally a concept started in Toronto, Ontario, SlutWalk has spread to dozens of cities, speaking about uplifting, empowering, and enhancing the platform of women across the globe.”

The sexual empowerment march was broadcast live stream by, and I saw some of it! Stationed in downtown Los Angeles, with beautiful weather ushering in the proceedings, there was a strong turnout of women and men wearing whatever scantily clad or covered-up clothing they wanted. It was described by one media outlet like so:

“It featured dance performances, including one by a burlesque performer in a black bikini, food and merchandise vendors and HIV testing and sexual awareness booths.

Amber Rose got up on stage to speak as well, appearing next to a pregnant adult film actress.

‘Porn stars are capable of love,’ the model said. “She has an amazing husband back here supporting her, she has a beautiful baby on the way and she does whatever the fuck makes her happy and that’s why she’s here.’”

Also, Tara Muldoon of the F-You: The Forgiveness Project in Toronto was at the SlutWalk, representing all the women who want to express their sexuality in whatever way they feel, from asexuality to intimacy. Her #triggers photo exhibit accompanied her. It was great to know that good Toronto people were involved in this sexual and intellectual celebration.

Alternately, I find it a little disappointing that we’re still at the point as a society that it has to be emphatically articulated that a porn star could be pregnant with a supportive husband. There are so many jobs that open people up to connecting with other people in ways beyond sexual, whether emotional (therapist), intellectual (teacher), physical (trainer), or social (event host), that bring people together in ways that could cross boundaries of relationships that make others uncomfortable, if they are monogamous or not in open relationships.

Being polyamorous allows all kinds of options in more than love, it opens doors in life itself, and I have been blessed with this reality as well, with porn and nude modelling jobs made possible because I was not in any relationship scenario with anyone who was morally or emotionally against erotic or nude employment. That is a decision that is free for any person to make, but I honestly could not bring myself to request a restriction from someone who would deny them income or employment advancement, simply because it involved the exposure of flesh or something sexual. But that’s just me and the things I do to sleep better at night! Please do whatever works for you.

Bottom line, I’m supportive of things like SlutWalk, because it inherently supports something like polyamory, seeing as how unlimited yet responsible sexuality is as a pillar of the poly philosophy. Whether I agree with everything Amber Rose says and does is irrelevant, because I support her recognition of the freedom for every one to be a “slut” as much as they want, as well as to define that word in whatever way they want. I know I consider myself a “man-slut” beyond belief, ha ha! And I thank polyamory for allowing me to share my love and sexuality with integrity, safety, honor and beauty.

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Next year, I hope I can be in L.A. again to support their SlutWalk, even though that sign about “Fuck yo 30 showers” might not have been necessary, Amber. Just sayin’. Love ya, girl.

Always in Love,
Addi Stewart

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