Facebook and Polyamorous Relationships

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Do you think Facebook should add polyamory as a possible relationship status? We do. They have the option to say you are in an open relationship with someone, but you can only list one relationship at a time. What if you want to list more than one of your poly partners?

During the summer of 2014, Facebook added nearly 50 non-gender binary options for people who don’t identify as just male or female such as agender, gender fluid, FTM and MTF. They also added the ability for gay and lesbian people to have their relationship status as married, allowing homosexual people to make their wedded relationships Facebook official. Both of these events were a great step forward for the LGBTQ crowd and social media.

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“It is estimated that 2-3% of the American population is at least experimenting with poly, if not actively living the lifestyle. These people want recognition on Facebook, which is quickly becoming an ubiquitous part of everyone’s daily life,” explains Trent, who is a membership coordinator for “Poly people are proud of their partners and want to be able to let everyone know who they are dating, and how seriously.”

There are many Facebook groups and fan pages asking for Facebook to recognize poly relationships, and there is even a petition on begging the social media website to do so. When will Facebook recognize multi-partner relationships? Even though poly is becoming more popular, the majority of the American public are not truly accepting or understanding of non-monogamous relationships. Perhaps when polys can be as out and proud as LGBTQ are now in everyday life, Facebook will add the option for poly lovers to share their relationships on the site!

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