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Mixing Business with Polyamory Pleasure

Couple Making Out

One of my favorite sayings is kinda gross, and promotes a juvenile level of responsibility and maturity, but the hilarity of the sentiment holds a TINY bit of truth, and also can be more of a lie if looked at by people with higher intentions and honor.

What saying am I talking about? It’s that old classic: Don’t shit where you eat.

No matter who you are in life, after a certain point, there WILL come a point where temptation comes a knockin’ on your pants or skirt’s front door. And it might be work-related and affect your financial well being!

There are many options for people who want to create some extracurricular activities in their life… but as far as employment is concerned, it’s delicate territory to tread. There are landmines and shit piles galore to avoid, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a daisy field at the end to dive into, once one navigates their desires and boundaries extremely responsibly!

What if you were with someone else, and your boss was with someone else, but you got the opportunity to be with your boss? Imagine yourself in a poly situation with them, and what you would feel is appropriate or not. Certain industries obviously are more appropriate for this type of interaction (I don’t feel like it’s nearly as much of a problem as society makes it out to be, except in situations of mental or physical healthcare.)

There are stereotypes that remain strong, such as the idea that executive bosses have secretaries who are sexy and available to do their typing, answer their calls during the day, and then bend over the desk at night.

We don’t live in the days of Mad Men, but obviously this power dynamic still exists. You may have been on either side of the equation at one time, but as long as a foundation of respect and care is laid down, the work can be done to create a special polyamory connection that is unlike anything you have.

The time spent working is some of the most important time one will put in to their lives. The emotions built by serving in the trenches of survival creates real powerful relationships. With the proper balance you can not only spend time at work with a poly partner, but also after work! It’s quite a thing.

Remember, honoring money arrangements, not exploiting power differentials, aiming for win-win situations,and building mutual compassion are key for successful relationship transactions.

Your shift starts in one minute…

Addi Stewart

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