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Mixing Business with Poly Pleasure

Sexy Seductress

They say “don’t shit where you eat.” What they don’t say is “don’t shit where you eat and bathe.” And that’s essentially what one is risking when one conducts a poly relationship with someone they work with!

It could go wrong in all kinds of ways… but it could also be the coolest shit you ever never dreamed of seeing real. That’s the luck of the draw in love and life, baby! I can’t say that I have had oodles of experience in going rogue and having conjugal relations with bosses and co-workers, but I have once in a while dipped my sexy tippy toes in the proverbial rivers of business, and thankfully have come up clean (relatively, all things considered).

I’m actually about to do it again, as far as I can tell, with someone I work with. We have both articulated our intimate interest in one other, alongside our desire to complete a business project together. It’s a very perplexing and complicated scenario. I can’t say either way that, “Yes! It’s always good to fuck your employer, who cares?” or to go hardcore in the other direction and proclaim, “Never touch your boss or anyone you work with, and never fuck anyone on your block while you’re at it!”

This kind of all-or-nothing approach never serves anyone, in my humble opinion. There are always exceptions to the rules, and if we’re talking The Rules, that “relationship therapy” book from the 90’s for women looking to ensnare a man creature, every rule is an exception to those rules of sexual selection! Digression, thy name is moi.

As I was testifying from my genitals, I swear a sexual relationship can happen with people you work with! It takes maturity, honesty, open communication, space and time apart and together, and quality time apart and together, and friends and lovers who aren’t either a boss or employer or a sexual connection.

That’s how I got away with shitting where I ate, and not getting my utensils dirty, nor getting shit on my food when I ate it! Okay, enough of that gross metaphor—my worst so far.

This is a topic that goes awry so often in life because so few people talk about their workplace attractions and the sexual power dynamics at their job. Welp, it’s out there now!

Work it, girlfriend, but don’t get fired trying to fuck—that’s just irresponsible. It’s got to be clean, above board, or as they say in business: in the black, not the red!

Addi Stewart

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