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Even Famous People Do It Like Us

We live in a strange and wonderful time, and part of what makes our modern times so crazy is: celebrity. Celebrities are the people that many, many individuals in the world aspire to become. Why is that? Is it the money? Is it the fame? Is it the power? Is it the sex? Is it all of the above, and then some? Yes, probably it is. Being a celebrity and enjoying almost unlimited everything sounds quite delightful, actually. But the reality is: most celebrities are DESIRED by millions. Therefore, they are potentially able to have sex with MANY people. As many as they care to handle, is the general understanding.

But what kind of relationships do they have? Often, it seems like celebrities have the same kinds of relationships that “citizens” have: traditional monogamous connections that might lead to a traditional marriage. But not all celebrities want to do the settling down thing like Salma Hayek or Matt Damon. Some of them like to live it up and have sexy fun times as much as their fame and feelings desire! Some of them like to have their superstar megacake and eat it too. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with it. They are no different than we are, and they must follow the same rules to make polyamory function holistically as we do: JUST BE HONEST!

Some of them aren’t honest (*ahem* Jude Law and Kristen Stewart *ahem* LOL) and some of them aren’t long-term polyamorists with open hearts and constant desires to keep circulating lovers and living the Lindsay Lohan/Wilmer Valderrama abundant lovers deluxe lifestyle. And it’s all good and fine. As long as the truth is told!

So, in my research of celebrities who are NOT monogamous, I found some interesting names and quotes. I have listed 15 celebrities, including a few couples, who are in various stages of polyamory/open relationship/swingers coupledom, and such. It’s amazing to discover that some of the people who play the MOST monogamous, traditional, conservative partners in their romantic movies are some of the LEAST traditional thinkers in the realm of sex and polyamory. “I’m not the person I play on TV or in the movies” is the most reasonable and rational response, I suppose.

I have to now give a shoutout to Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd for making their very untraditional movie Wanderlust, about a monogamous metropolitan couple escaping the rat race and finding their way to a hippie commune to experience a higher level of freedom… which includes both of them thinking/wanting and attempting to have sexual relations with new people outside of their marriage. (I won’t ruin it for you, but if you know typical Hollywood rom-com formulas and clichés, you know what happens. Either way, it’s good they even made the movie, because it’s slightly unique.)

Celebrities are no different than any of us, and have desires and needs that must be negotiated and understood just as much as any of us. And if those needs entail the sexual and emotional connections of multiple lovers, then so be it!

With all that being said: I now present 15 celebrities who practice some form of polyamory at one point in time or another. Yay for their courageous aspirations for sexual connection!

~Cameron Diaz – believes nobody is naturally monogamous. Her movies speak otherwise…

~Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith – “In our marriage vows, we didn’t say ‘forsaking all others.’ We said ‘you will never hear I did something afterwards.’ Quite interesting, Will!

~Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – A rather untraditional couple, by any standards. They said they “make sure they never restrict each other”. But I wonder: can Brad still see Jennifer? LOL!

~Scarlett Johannsen – says “monogamy is not a natural instinct for human beings.” Agreed!

~Akon – has three wives. He’s African and doesn’t follow America’s conservative sex laws!

~T-Pain – notorious wife loves to have threesomes with strippers. Sounds great for all!

~Francois Hollande – French president, married with mistress! And the whole country knows!

~Rachel Ray – the chef’s husband is a popular guest at a New York sex club. Cool.

~Karreuche Tran, Chris Brown, and Rihanna Fenty – the most popular threesome of 2012.

~Chad Ochocinco – notoriously unfaithful and violent to his wife. Unhealthy polyamory!

~Ethan Hawke – interestingly stated: “if your world was rocked because your lover wasn’t faithful to you, [it] is a little bit like acting rocked that your hair went gray.”

Well, Ethan is taking it a little farther than most are comfortable to deal with, but he’s got a bit of a point. Not everyone is able to be physically or emotionally faithful! It’s wrong to break your word and your promise to someone, it always is. But it’s NOT wrong to think/dream/desire/want/seek/lust for another person, whether you are in a relationship or not. It’s human nature.

The choice is yours. Polyamory or not.

But I say: be a sexual superstar.

Lights. Camera. ACTION!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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