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Polyamory Dating To Go – Going Mobile

When it comes to dating sites, the ability to access your profile and messages on your mobile device is a must. The reasons are pretty simple: you want to avoid using your work computer, you want make a date or send a message while you’re out, and let’s not forget privacy. Keeping your dating site access limited to your own phone is a great way to maintain discretion if that’s important to you.

I have memberships on quite a few sites and was surprised and disappointed to learn that some of them don’t support mobile versions. There is nothing worse than trying to log in and having to scroll all over the page just to find a teeny weeny login form. Luckily Polyamory Date does have a mobile version of their site so needless to say that’s where I spend most of my time when I’m out with my smart phone. So c’mon poly dating sites – get with the mobile revolution!

Are you using another polyamory dating site that offers a mobile version? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll start compiling a list for a future post.  Happy dating!

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