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Instigating Intimacy with Poly Partners

Polyamory has some interesting nuances to it (my fingers slipped and I first wrote nuisances instead of nuances. Freudian much? LOL. Anyways, I digress.) Those nuances that creep into the crevasses of connection and..


Should You Sleep with Your Girlfriend’s Girlfriend

Many polyamorous peeps have a rule against this set in stone—the door is open to everyone else, but hooking up or forming a sexual relationship with your wife or girlfriend’s lovers is strictly forbidden...


Close-ups with Your Long-Distance Lover

There are few things in polyamory more challenging than a long-distance relationship. It’s really hard to do, even for the best of people. Can one stay faithful with just a Skype connection? Is sexy..


Use the Joy of Sharing to Spice Up Your Love Life

It seems that more and more monogamous couples are turning to polyamory in hopes of bringing a little excitement back into the bedroom, and why not? The poly lifestyle offers lots of options for..


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