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When Your Dick Is too Big

Most size tip blogs I write are for guys with penises on the smaller side. Average or above average guys wouldn’t consider there is such a thing as “too big.” But if you’re one..


Is the Grass Greener in Polyamory?

No matter what people are doing in life, regardless of how much they love it with all their heart and soul, there are downsides and negatives. There has to be rain to accompany the..


Polyanarchy: Signs Your Poly Life Is Out of Control

I grew up on a farm and I remember clearly the first days in spring when we would let the cows out to pasture. They would kick up their heels and tear around like..


How Deep Is Your Polyamory Trust?

In the immortal words of the American musical icon Shawn Carter: “There’s levels to this shit!” Polyamory is like three-dimensional chess and monogamy is like checkers, in my opinion. There can be multiple games..


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