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Bringing Polyamory Partners Together Threesome Positions Women Love
Bringing Polyamory Partners Together
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… and sometimes, it was the most marvelously spectacularly grandest of good times for one and all involved. When these are the days—rejoice,

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Threesome Positions Women Love
Polyamory means many things, from flying solo with many long-term lovers, to an open-door policy for married couples, to three or more sharing a bed, bath, and kitchen. Whether we’re in a committed trilogy

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Maintaining Stamina with Multiple Partners 5 Levels of Discretion in Polyamory
Maintaining Stamina with Multiple Partners
So, you’re cruising along your dreams, bouncing from bed to bed, arms to arms, lover to lover. Life is nice and good and sweet and stuff.  You are all handling your jealousy well (there is

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5 Levels of Discretion in Polyamory
If you’re new to the poly scene, you might wonder where you fall on the spectrum of sexual openness vs. discretion. Maybe you’ve read some articles or talked to friends who’ve tried it, but

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